This is very difficult to do.

There is a conservation law of momentum: m1*V1 = m2*V2

To change the momentum of one body, the other body must receive the same amount of momentum.

If the mass of Deimos is 1.48*10^15 kg. And the orbital speed is 1.3513 km/s. It will take a lot of work to give momentum to the ejected pieces.

Let's assume that in a day one machine gun can shoot 10 tons = 3.6 million kg. Each shot at a speed of 400m/s.

10 tons per day is 3.65 million kg per year, and then:

v1 = (3650000*400)/1480000000000000 = 0.0000009864864864864865 m/s

This is how much the speed of Deimos will decrease in a million years if you shoot stones like that.

And it takes 1 million years to change the speed by 1 m/s.

Yes, we can use a million spinLauncher, then it will take a year. But in order for Deimos to fall like a stone on Mars, we need to reduce its speed by at least 200 m/s. Means even with a million SpinLuchers, it will take 200 years to achieve what you want.

The developers say they can make a SpinLuncher with a firing speed of 8 km/s. Then one device will be able to give an impulse 20 times more than now, which they demonstrated in tests. Thus, a million upgraded spinLaunchers will have to work for 10 years.

Theoretically possible, but very expensive and difficult. Imagine how many flights it would take from Earth to Deimos to transfer a million cars. If only some kind of mineral was found on Deimos, it would be worth doing it ..

Not yet achievable.

But there is still one more approach for this project.

To be continued. finish...

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